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Certificate in Softskills covers personal and professional qualities that allow you to do your job better and you can be an effective communicator.

In this series of videos, we’re going to explore the most important soft skills: personal and professional qualities that allow you to do your job better. If you can be an effective communicator, manage your time, work well with others, and be a great problem solver, you’ll have a lot more success in whatever you do.



• Working Professional
• Beginners
• Students



Important Skills For Professional Success
No matter what job you’re in right now or career you hope to have, improving your “soft skills” can help you become a better worker, better team member, and a better person. Embracing a work lifestyle that involves communication and feedback, as well as collaboration, and working together to improve things can only lead to positive results.
• Introduction
• Effective Communication
• Flexibility and Time Management
• Communication and Flexibility
• Problem Solving
• Working with a Team
• Problem Solving and Teamwork
• Accepting Feedback
• Additional Skills
• Soft Skills Review

Presentation Skills
Presentation skills should be used to prepare and deliver relevant information, and compel an audience to take action. This soft skill can be used in many scenarios, including classic presentations as well as product pitches.
• Introduction
• Understand Your Audience
• Presentation Tools
• Slide Design
• Presentation Disasters
• One Last Thing
• Presentation Skills

In this series, we’ll share some tips on how to be more productive in whatever work situation you’re in. We’ll recommend tools and apps you might want to consider, and some productivity strategies you can try on your own.
• Setting Goals
• Identifying Tasks
• Goals and Tasks
• Balancing Time and Effort
• Productivity Systems
• Apps and Tools
• Productivity Review

Writing Online
In this series, we’ll discuss various types of writing web designers and developers should be prepared for, how to improve each one, some common errors many people make (and how to avoid them), and some strategies that can help you improve your work.
• Key Types of Writing
• Preparation
• Structure and Formatting
• Writing Types, Preparation, and Structure
• Common Grammatical Errors
• Commonly Confused Words
• Writing Review and Strategy
• Final Grammar Review

Part of your mission as a designer or developer is understanding how and why people use what you build. Understanding basic psychology can allow you to anticipate how users will react to and use your designs, enabling you to build something usable and effective. In addition, understanding how psychology can affect your workplace can prepare you for working on various kinds of projects, in teams, and dealing with conflict.
• Introduction
• Emotion
• Influence and Trust
• Emotion, Influence, and Trust
• Cultural Effects
• In the Workplace
• Across the World, and In Your Workplace



You will get a certificate of completion, which is highly reputed and accepted by employers.

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