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Becoming an effective communicator can help you achieve your goals in life, both professionally and personally. In this course, you will learn how to captivate an audience from the very first words you write or say, techniques for making a mark with memorable messages, and how to find and use the power of your own unique style.

You will also explore the importance of being crystal clear on your story, the effectiveness of simplicity, incisive writing and speaking techniques, using logic and emotion to influence and persuade, how to adopt positive body language to help you command an audience, and the remarkable but all too often underappreciated art of storytelling.

What is the eligibility?

  • proficiency in English language. We will often use word-plays and use English for compelling communications, so a good (C2) level of English would be ideal.
  • Materials & equipment: sufficient internet speed and stability for video streaming
  • no specialist software or equipment needed
  • a mobile phone for recording a video for a short presentation
  • access to Dropbox, SharePoint, or a similar storage system for uploading and sending video.

Who can do?

This course is aimed at anyone who would like to improve their communication skills, but specifically:

  • ambitious early career professionals who want to equip themselves with the communication skills to advance and achieve their goals
  • mid-level managers who would like to inspire and enthuse team members and progress within their role
  • senior leaders who need to better explain their ideas and vision to teams in order to achieve buy-in and ensure optimum performance.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • apply the principles of effective communication to any situation, from writing to presenting and storytelling
  • develop your own unique voice to communicate with any audience
  • apply communication techniques for influence and emotional impact.

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